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We can mix Skydiving and Tunnel Flying in the same day for better understanding of the wind and techniques

If you want to train hard you can stay for 2 weeks
or write me for custom dates.


Windobona Indoor Skydiving Madrid in my opinion, after quite some research, they offer the best value for money/quality in Europe. Also, flight connections are good and food and accommodation is cheap there. They have really good airflow with ISG technology, what can you ask more.

The camps include:

  • The tunnel time,  spread out over the day , Monday-Friday. 

  • Coaching inside and outside the tunnel – combining low speed and high speed flying to make you a strong all around flyer.

The goal is to make you a better overall flyer, so that you not only understand how to fly your own body but understand the aerodynamics behind it 

Skydiving events


Around all over europe

List of events Reach out and keep in touch to know what events are the best for you

The goal is to make you a better flyer, and improve your skydiving skill in an environment that is proper for your current skills and amount of jumps

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