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Who is Zemi Abreu?

Zemi is a professional skydiver, wind tunnel instructor, body-flyer, aerial stunt man, FAI judge and coach going around the world to explore and teach, sharing his passion for bodyflying.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal and with origins from Madeira’s island, he spent most of his childhood vacations exploring the pearl of the Atlantic with his curious mind making him fall in love sports and nature, involving all elements.

After doing an enormous variety of sports from all elements as a child, the ones that he loved the most were the ones that combined strength, balance and mind focus, Zemi became a chess champion by the age of 9, a swimming champion by 11, and then he explored many other sports always looking for more.

By the age of 21 he saw a video about skydiving, everybody smiling and having a good time,  he thought to himself “I have to do this”, not knowing anyone related to the sport and after trying to convince all his friends to go with him to try it, nobody accepted, so he just decided to go for himself, his first jump was directly doing his skydiving course, and he just loved the feeling of the wind on his body, less did he know that would change his life forever.

Chasing his passion everyday he started to work as a packer on his local drop zone in Portugal, working his way up, to camera flyer, AFF and Tandem instructor in order to maintain this passion alive while studying,  his curiosity for this sport continued and in 2016 he got at a wind tunnel as an instructor and later with a lot of dedication and handwork he became the Chief instructor, he loves to explore bodyflying, discovering any action/reaction that a flying body has with the wind.

Nowadays, he is traveling the globe teaching others how to fly their bodies, and he is currently based in Madrid, Spain to teach Indoor/Outdoor Skydiving.

Zemi is also a certified Veterinarian Doctor showing how much he loves the nature also affinity for exploring and learning.


Teaching is one of my passions as well, being able to transmit and give to my students the wings and tools that they need to achieve their goals is very rewarding.  The study of flying involves many aspects like visualization, body awareness, muscle memory and relaxation.

Each student is a new project that I personally like to evolve and make them the better version of themselves.

As an FAI Judge for Freestyle and Freefly, I look into to the smallest details and make sure we work on them and improve.

Personal Training

In order to learn faster and in a optimal way,        1-on-1 coaching is the best/fastest way. The training is set towards your goals, adapted to your needs, with realistic aproaches. Each person has their own progression and that is what we aim for, to be the best version of ourselfs. 

Training in the Sky

With all the gear it can be tricky to adapt/learn in the sky, i always offer my students the tools needed and doing 1 on 1 coaching in the tunnel/sky is the best way to go.


1st place Freestyle open

German Indoor Skydiving Championship 2019 at jochen Schweizer arena, Germany

1st place Freestyle open

The Indoor Skydiving Swiss Cup 2019 at Windwerk, Switserland

1st place Freestyle open

Czech Open 2019 at HF Prague, Czech Republic


I travelled from the UK to work with Ze and watch him at work. An intelligent, approachable skydiver with one of the highest skill set in the world. Whilst working in Madrid, I met people who had come from other countries to watch and work with Ze. An amazing and inspirational instructor and even better competitive competitor.

Ben Maxfield 
Official Kawasaki Rider

Professional, patiente, goal setter and down to earth.

It is very easy to work with Zemi, he can take the preassure very well of long days jumping or flying in the tunnel, keeping his cool.

Very fortunate to be able to meet, work and train with a person like this.


Ana Costa
Skydive Algarve DZ Manager

Zemi Abreu is a shining example of a professional sportsman and athlete.

His leadership, determination and performance are second to none. 

I feel very fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be trained by Zemi for about 12 months now. It has been the key component of training me as a flyer to participate in and enjoy some of the highest level skills camps in the world.

David Blakeley
Bestselling Author/ Military Consultant / Former Pathfinder Commander


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